Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust

The Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust consists of a group of unified women who provide long-term vision and direction for the needs of all women by exploring the characteristics or spiritual disciplines needed for women to grow spiritually. The goal of this team is to show women the pathway for living for God, focusing on all women of all ages and stages in the Christian walk.
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    Apostolic Sect Women Defy Religious Teachings To Save Their Children

    By Newsday Zimbabwe   ‘I JOINED a secret base to save my children from dying. The church that I go to does not […]

    How an Apostolic women’s group helped Zimbabwe counter vaccine hesitancy

    By Elia Ntali (Gavi Vaccine Alliance) Zimbabwe’s large Apostolic faith community has a reputation for shunning medical intervention, including vaccination. Amid COVID-19, that […]

    Empowering women in Apostolic sects

    By Roselyne Sachiti Assistant Editor Sunday Mail   SISTER Esnath Gombakomba is a primary care nurse at Chibhebhe Clinic in the Bocha area […]