About us


Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust (AWET) is an Inter-Faith based, non-governmental organization that is mandated to advance the rights of Adolescents and women issues and mainstreaming of gender in Apostolic Church activities. AWET is a registered Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO 30/18). AWET leads in creating a dialogue with women of diverse Apostolic churches.

AWET is fully cognisant of the fact that Apostolic Churches have different beliefs, norms, values and perceptions on key social issues such as Early/Child Marriage, Education, Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), Maternal Newborn Child Health(MNCH), Gender-Based Violence(GBV) and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(ASRHR).


1. Our Mission

To promote and empower the economic, social, and political status of apostolic women and girls through multi-dimensional programs aimed at supporting their livelihoods, lobby and advocate for their rights, provide logistical and legal aid services; conduct awareness raising activities, facilitate leadership training and establish direct links with service providers that have women issues at heart such as women associations and women rights defenders.

2. Vision

Empowered Apostolic women and adolescents girls living a world where all women enjoy equality and social justice, have equal chances and opportunities in education and employment, be well-aware of their social, economic, and political rights and be empowered to advance their rights and those of others.

3. Our Values

Accountability, Inclusivity, Excellence and Hope

AWET is therefore committed to tackling the social-cultural challenges/barriers confronting Apostolic women in communities by mobilizing women of faith to deal with the challenges of their day to day lives.

AWET founder and trustees’ interventions intend to take a holistic, Multi-Sectorial, participatory and multi-faceted approach to address socio-cultural and religious drivers of the Apostolic members’ limited educational opportunities. Since the formation of AWET, evidence-based results have shown that change in the Apostolic Churches is inevitable. AWET intends to change the negative perceptions society holds about the Apostolic community through dealing with contemporary issues facing the Apostolic community whilst being sensitive to the members’ expectations.

AWET has a staff compliment of 22 employees with 1438 volunteers and 15000 Behaviour Change Facilitators (BCF’s) in the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe.


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