Child Protection

According to research 30% of teenage marriages and 29% of child mothers were recorded in the Apostolic religion for girls aged 15-19 years. Therefore addressing issues of child mothers and teenage pregnancy (15-19years) will require a mix of measures/interventions tackling religious and socio-cultural factors, wealth-related factors and retention in school among other factors. Children in households in the poorest wealth quintiles and rural areas especially Apostolic girls are at greater risk of being child mothers and being in teenage marriages. There are children who are abused by their parents, by being married off early as parents hide behind poverty, religious beliefs and norms.

AWET, therefore, seeks to address child marriage issues through social mobilisation, advocacy and implementing Empowerment through livelihoods.


AWET places a huge importance on diversity and inclusion. Even though the organisation has Women in its title we also have male eployees working with us. Furthermore we work with people from different denominations not just apostolic sects.

Operations and services

AWET is active in all of the countries 10 provinces and in more than 52 districts across the country.

Activities that we do

AWET has a number of activities in which it does its work and this include

  • preventing child marriages
  • working to prevent gender based violence (GBV)
  • emergency response in disasters
  • empowering people through education
  • empowering women and communities with income generating projects so that they become self sufficient
  • promoting good hygiene and nutrition

1. Where are you located

We are located at 22 Lanner Avenue Vainona Harare Zimbabwe

2. Do you only help apostolic women?

We do not only help apostolic women but also women and children of other faiths and denominations.  We do not discrimate on religious affiliation.  Even if men come to us with challenges, we will always offer our help.

3. How do you get funding?

We usually obtain grants from humanitarian organisations and other partners to fund our various activities.  Since we have a focus on preventing pregnancies in Children a lot of organisations such as UNICEF also partner with us

4. Do you accept donations?

If you would like to donate to help our activities please contact

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

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    Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust (AWET) is an Inter-Faith based, non-governmental organization that is mandated to advance the rights of Adolescents and women issues and mainstreaming of gender in Apostolic Church activities