Health and Support

Empower the Apostolic community to ensure there is reduced morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS, PMTCT and other related conditions. Encourage prevention, testing, treatment and adherence.

Create awareness within the Apostolic community to encourage utilisation of modern health care services among Apostolic individuals.

Create awareness to encourage the uptake of Antenatal Care services and increased acceptability of modern MNCH interventions, educational opportunities, behavioural and social change among the Apostolic women.

Main Focus

Preventing Child marriages


Women Empowerment


Preventing Gender Based Violence (GBV)



Awet follows a series of guidelines in the way we work.  We do not discriminate in any way or shape.  We seek to help people so that they can help themselves.  As the old adage says, give a man fish and you will feed him for the rest of his life but teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for the rest of his life.  That is why we focus on community ownership of programs so that, communities can help themselves and not have to rely for long on external support.

Successful stories

As AWET we have our successs stories stretch in all the 52 districts we work in.  Wherever we are we, we work to leave a positive lasting influence especially in the mainly apostolic communities we work in. Some of our successes include,

  • empowerement of apostolic communities
  • increasing awareness on benefits of preventing child marriages
  • raising awareness about Covid-19 and promoting Covid-19 vaccination
  • increased awareness on the importance of educating girls in apostolic communities
  • providing training in lifesaving skills, assisting, lending support to communities affected by Natural disasters eg Cyclone Idai and Covid-19

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Our goal is to assist women and girls in every way possible

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    Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust (AWET) is an Inter-Faith based, non-governmental organization that is mandated to advance the rights of Adolescents and women issues and mainstreaming of gender in Apostolic Church activities.