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(AWET) On cholera awareness campaign

As of September 2018, there were 81 confirmed cases and 38 deaths due to Cholera with approximately 20-25% being children and mothers. Taking into cognisance the risk factors associated with the Apostolic community, Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust went on a Cholera educational awareness campaign aimed at enhancing behaviour change in 8 high density suburbs of Harare targeting Apostolic church members at their prayer sites. The primary objective of the programme was to sensitise the Apostolic Community on Cholera and personal hygiene as apostolic members are at a higher risk of contracting diseases which are related to poor hygiene practise due to their way of worship.

The Cholera awareness campaign was a participative engagement at different apostolic places of worship. The AWET Apostolic Health Workers in the targeted areas were responsible for the mobilisation of people and part of the sensitisation. In all the 8 locations AWET visited, a major issue of concern was of lack of proper sanitation facilities. This problem was attributed to the land not belonging to the Apostolic members hence failure to construct permanent structures. At some of the prayer sites, it was also noted that there were dumping sites that were used by residents of those areas and coupled with burst sewer pipes that excreted human waste which put the people at the prayer site at risk as some were camping there waiting for healing sessions.

The Apostolic members during the awareness highlighted the need for City Council to respond swiftly to blocked or bust sewer pipes, improve the water supply for better hygiene and to also collect waste on time to avoid having litter everywhere. With regards to the construction of permanent sanitation structures, Apostolic members appealed to AWET to help through engaging with the City Council to issue permanent stands for worship to encourage permanent construction of toilets. Apostolic members also asked for assistance from well wishers in the construction of toilets which are within required standards. Apostolic members pledged that they would improve on hygiene practices, build more toilets and have safe and clean water facilities at their places of worship to mitigate the spread of cholera.uptake of the SAGE model.

Our role on cholera

Through funding from UNICEF, AWET saw the need to raise awareness in the different Apostolic Sects as most Apostolic members practise poor hygiene, poor sanitation methods and in some instances lack knowledge on the preventive measure to be taken to avoid the spread of cholera. Through the Cholera awareness, AWET managed to sensitise over 500 people from different Apostolic Sects in the high density suburbs of Harare. The targeted areas were Budiriro, Glen view, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma, Mabvuku, Tafara ,Epworth, Dzivarasekwa and Caledonia. Since apostolic members have their church services from Thursday to Sunday, AWET through their focal people who work in Apostolic churches as Apostolic Health Workers used this as an opportunity to address apostolic members in their numbers during and after church service. AWET sensitised members of different Apostolic Sects namely Johani Masowe Chishanu, Jerusalem, Johani Masowe yeNguwo Tsvuku, Jekenisheni, Mugodhi, Johani Masowe Sabbath to mention just a few.

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